Monday, September 10, 2007

Taking Care of Library Books

Students have been learning about taking care of library books. We have been reading the book "The Shelf Elf" by Jackie Mims Hopkins. Her character, Skoob, has taught us many good ideas about taking care of books. If we practice, we might earn the Golden Shelf Elf Award!!

  • Use a shelf marker, you can't go wrong, put books back where they belong.

  • Return books when they are due, so others can enjoy them, too.

  • Keep your books clean and neat, away from all you drink and eat.

  • If you need to save your place, stick a book mark in that space.

  • Turn the pages with great care; leave them whole without a tear.

  • Keep books safe and out of view, from little ones and dogs that chew.

  • When in the library make this choice: always use your inside voice.

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