Wednesday, September 12, 2007

Learning Dewey

Our library is organized using the Dewey Decimal System. This week second grade students are getting their first taste of Dewey numbers and how to find books using those numbers. We begin with the major divisions- the 100s. I like to think about Dewey as a series of questions. Perhaps you can think of other Dewey questions.
  • 100s Who am I? These are books about feelings. Our character education books are here.
  • 200s Why am I here? These are religion books and mythology books.
  • 300s Who else lives here? How can we get along?These are community and family books, books on manners, and books of folktales.
  • 400s Can we talk? These are language books, including sign language.
  • 500s What else is in my world? These are science books: stars, dinosaurs, plants and animals.
  • 600s How can I use the things in my world? These are the books about things people use, from cars to pets, from cookbooks to woodworking.
  • 700s What can I do for fun? Sports, arts, music and games are here.
  • 800s Can I share my ideas with you? These are poems, jokes, riddles, and stories. Our fiction and easy books could be in the 800s.
  • 900s What is the history and geography of our planet? Books about New York, other states, countries, and regions are found here.
  • 000s Things that don't fit in other places: Encyclopedias, books about UFOs and computers.

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