Friday, October 19, 2007

More Kindergarten Pumpkin Information.

Several more kindergarten classes completed writing about pumpkins. Here are some more of their efforts.

Mrs. Klock's class wrote:
Dig a hole.
Plant a seed in the hole.
Give it water.
It will grow leaves and roots.
Then it will grow flowers and little pumpkins.
The pumpkins will grow big and orange.
We will pick them.
We will make Jack-O-Lanterns.

Mrs Turverey's class said:
When pumpkins are big you can pick them.
Pumpkins grow in gardens.
First you plant the seeds.
Next you water the ground.
Then the seed grows.
It gets roots and leaves.
Then flowers and pumpkins grow.
The pumpkins get big and fat.
They will make Jack-O-Lanterns.

Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Pumpkin Pages from our Kindergarten Classes

Here is some of the information about pumpkins our Kindergarten children have written.

Mrs. Hansen's class says:
Pumpkins grow from seeds.
People plant seeds in the garden.
The seeds grow into little plants.
Then the plants get big.
They make flowers.
Pumpkins grow from the flowers.
When the pumpkins are big, we pick them.

Mrs. Giovo's class says:
First plant a pumpkin seed.
Give it water.
It will grow.
It will grow roots and leaves.
It will grow a vine.
Pumpkins row from the flowers.
When the pumpkins are big and orange we pick them.
We make Jack-O-Lanterns and pumpkin pie.

More Pumpkin Information

Kindergarten children have been working hard to learn about pumpkins this week. We made a chart of the pumpkin life cycle and learned pumpkin words: seed, plant, leaf, flower, pumpkin, and harvest. We made a chart to see how this life cycle works- from seed to pumpkin to seed again.

Now we are reading pumpkin themed books. Pumpkin Man, Magic Matt And the Jack-O-Lantern, The Vanishing Pumpkin, and other stories like these will be part of our library time.

Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkins and Harvest

Kindergarten children are beginning to learn about pumpkins. We are reading the book Pumpkin Circle and learning words related to pumpkins. We have put the words seed, shoot, roots, leaves, flower, and pumpkin on our chart. We learned that "harvest" means to pick something when it is ready to eat. Next week kindergarten children will harvest apples on their field trips. We will read several more books about pumpkins in the library and use Kidspiration to share our work.
On October 31 our whole school will celebrate harvest with a "harvest of good books". Each class is reading a book about animals in fall, scarecrows, pumpkins, or other fall-related things. They will make costumes in art, learn songs in music, and we will celebrate as a school. It will be lots of fun!

Friday, October 5, 2007

Learning about Fire Fighters and Fire Safety

October is Fire Safety month and so we have been learning about fire safety in the MHP library. Kindergarten children have helped to create a chart of fire safety rules and several children have demonstrated how to "stop, drop and roll". We learned where our rescue window is and how we will leave the library if there is a real emergency. We look forward to seeing the fire fighters next week.

First grade children have been using the Kidspiration computer software to create a web of fire information. We identified vehicles used in fire fighting, equipment fire fighters use, clothing worn at a fire, and safety rules. We will be ready to talk to the fire fighters next week.

Wednesday, October 3, 2007

More Pictures from Kalli Dakos' visit

I promised more pictures from our visit with Kalli Dakos. Kalli loves to "play poems"and she gets her whole audience involved. You'll see one teacher with "chicken pops" all over her face. Another teacher is sharing her love of music by singing a poem. In a third picture Kalli is using a streamer to show the rhyme in a poem.

The children didn't exactly know what a poem was before Kalli's visit and now they love to read poems.

Monday, October 1, 2007

Kalli Dakos Visit

We had a wonderful visit with author/poet Kalli Dakos on Friday. Kalli does all kinds of wonderful, interactive activities with her poetry and the children were totally captivated. I'm posting pictures of some teachers participating in Kalli's poetry. Mrs. Misch, our principal, got to kiss Hamlet the Pig NINE times!! Kalli included lots of bathroom humor in her presentation and had real little flushing toilets! I'll post more pictures in the next few days.

One item of interest. We had put up some of our poetry efforts on our Blog weeks ago and Kalli had them all printed out. What a great tool this blog is becoming!!!