Thursday, October 11, 2007

Pumpkins and Harvest

Kindergarten children are beginning to learn about pumpkins. We are reading the book Pumpkin Circle and learning words related to pumpkins. We have put the words seed, shoot, roots, leaves, flower, and pumpkin on our chart. We learned that "harvest" means to pick something when it is ready to eat. Next week kindergarten children will harvest apples on their field trips. We will read several more books about pumpkins in the library and use Kidspiration to share our work.
On October 31 our whole school will celebrate harvest with a "harvest of good books". Each class is reading a book about animals in fall, scarecrows, pumpkins, or other fall-related things. They will make costumes in art, learn songs in music, and we will celebrate as a school. It will be lots of fun!

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